Do you smoke cigarettes?

If you do, your lungs and your wallet hate you for it.

And you really need to read this post.

Everyone knows that smoking causes major health issues like lung cancer but I’m not digging in to that today.

I’m digging into what smoking cigarettes costs you in terms of wealth.

And it’s staggering.

Smoking Cost Assumptions

There are a few assumptions I made for this post so here they are.

You smoke a pack a day. Which may be more or less than you actually smoke.

If you smoke more, smoking actually costs you more.

I also assumed you started smoking at 18 which is the legal age in Georgia.

Finally I assumed you paid $5.00 a pack. This is probably on the cheaper side.

The True Cost of Smoking Cigarettes

If you smoke a pack a day from when you are 18 until you are 65, you will have paid $85,775 for all those cigarettes.

That’s $152 per month for 47 years.

What if you were that dedicated to investing and stuck $152 per month in an S&P 500 index fund?

With a 10% annual return, you would have $1,948,518.

So you would be a millionaire if you just changed one habit.

Your smoking habit cost you a grand total of $2,034,293.

That’s the actual cost of the cigarettes and investment proceeds you missed.

That hurts.


I hope you don’t smoke but if you do, I hope this motivates you to quit.

It’s costing you a lot of money and it actually costs you more than this.

I didn’t get into health issues.

And you can’t put a price on your health.

So do your wallet and lungs a favor and put down the cigarette.

What else does smoking cigarettes cost you?

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