Do you spend money like you have more than you actually do?

I’ve done that before and it gets old.

Eventually the ride stops.

Society glorifies spending money but being frugal gets a bad wrap.

Most people think it’s miserable being frugal.

But it’s not.

Here are several reasons your life is actually easier being frugal.

You Have Less Stress

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

I am.

Do you have to select which bills to pay each month because you can’t pay them all?

That’s really stressful.

Do you ever tell someone to hold the check a few days before they cash it?

Frugal living gets you out of this vicious cycle.

Your stress levels won’t go down immediately.

But over time you will have less stress because you manage your money better.

And that’s a much better place to be in.

You Don’t Keep Up With the Jones

Are you always looking around at the neighbors and want what they have?

I get it.

The grass always seems greener.

Especially now with Facebook.

Everyone snaps a photo of their best moments and posts them.

The photo of the neighbor and her brand new Lexus looks fun.

But you don’t know they stress level behind that smile.

When your frugal, you don’t worry about keeping up with your neighbors.

You understand there’s more than new leather smell behind the new Lexus.

It makes life easier.

You Always Have an Excuse Not to Hang out

This one is my favorite.

You have those “friends” you don’t really want to hang out with?

I do.

Now you have a handy excuse.

You’re too cheap to spend $6 on a water and watch the Braves’ lose.

Better yet.

If you use the excuse enough, they’ll just stop asking you to hang out.


You get to choose.

Be frugal or don’t be frugal.

I prefer to worry less about money.

So I am frugal.

Think about making your money life easier as well.

Look into being frugal.

Are there any other reasons your life is easier being frugal?

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