7 Lifestyle Changes That Will Save You $8,604 This Year

Do you want to save money?

I do and I’m sure you do to.

After all, who doesn’t want to save money?

That’s like asking who wants a drink of water.

But it all comes down to how much you want to sacrifice to save money.

Life’s all about trade offs.

If you are swimming in debt, you’ll be more motivated to change.

If you are swimming in money, you won’t be very motivated.

Here are some lifestyle changes that will help you save money.

Which ones will you implement?

Eliminate Cable TV

Most people enjoy watching TV.

I do and you probably do to.

It allows us to unwind at the end of the day.

It’s also expensive.

Cable TV can run you over $100 per month.

But there are alternatives. You can sign up for Hulu starting at $7.99 per month.

And still watch your shows.

Estimated annual cost savings: $1,200.

Make Your Own Coffee

Do you pick up your favorite coffee at Starbucks every morning on the way to work?

Well that adds up.

It’s $3 for just a cup of coffee.

If you make your own coffee at your house, you’ll pay about $1.00.

That’s $2 a day and $40 a month.

Estimated annual cost savings: $480.

Pack Your Lunch

Going out to eat with your co-workers is an expensive habit.

It depends on where you go but lunch easily hits $15 these days.

But you can pack your lunch for $5.

That’s $10 per day savings and $50 per week.

And if you work through lunch your boss may let you leave early.

Just a thought.

Estimated annual cost savings: $2,400.

Bike to Work

This may not work for everyone. Biking 20 miles to work isn’t feasible.

But driving a car is expensive.

The IRS reimbursable rate is $.55 per mile for driving your car for work.

If you commute 2 miles each way, that’s $2.20 per day in a car.

That’s a chance to save $44 per month.

Estimated annual cost savings: $528.

Workout at Home

That gym membership you are “using” costs money.

Depends on the gym but LA Fitness is $30 per month.

Thanks to Tony Horton you can now get a great workout at home in front of your TV.

You can pick up P90X for $120.

After P90X pays for itself in 4 months, you are saving $30 a month.

Estimated annual cost savings: $360.

Stop Hitting the Bar

This one is fun but gets really expensive.

I don’t know about you but $6 for a Bud Light dampens my fun.

When I used to hit the town more often, I’d spend $100 each time I went out.

I did this every weekend and it added up.

Cut it back to once a month and save $300 per month.

Estimated annual cost savings: $3,600.

Go One Extra Week Between Haircuts

I got my haircut every 4 weeks religiously.

Then I realized I could stretch it to once a month and no one would know the difference.

This is the difference between 13 haircuts a year and 12 haircuts a year.

I saved $36.

It doesn’t sound like much but this was a pretty painless switch so why not do it?

Estimated annual cost savings: $36.


There you have it.

You can save $8,604 this year by making these changes.

And the majority of these savings comes from only a few changes.

Of course, those changes are the most painful.

But how does that saying go?

Oh yea, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Can you think of any other ways to save money?

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