Do you want to buy something expensive?

Something you don’t normally buy.

Like a car, house or a big TV.

These things cost more money than you would normally spend.

And if you’re like me, you don’t have a ton of cash just sitting around.

So you will need to make a conscious effort to save money.

Here are some ways to make those savings pain-free.

Make Saving Automatic

Set up your savings account to take some amount out of your checking account each month.

And don’t change it.

If you save first, you will figure out how to pay for what you need with the rest.

Use a Cash-Back Credit Card

Credit cards are bad, right?

That’s what you hear all the time.

But credit cards are more like chain saws than anything else.

Chain saws are great tools if you know how to use one.

But if you don’t know what you are doing, you’ll cut your leg off with one.

Same thing with credit cards. They are great tools in the right hands.

So use the tool to your advantage.

Get a credit card that gives you cash back on purchases and save the cash back.

You can compare cash-back credit cards at

Get Savings Account that Pays You Interest

This one is a no-brainer.

If you are going to let a bank use your money, they should pay you for it.

So open a savings account that pays you interest.

The interest rate hasn’t been that high lately but it’s getting better.

You can compare interest rates on savings accounts at

Save Unexpected Cash Gifts

Do you have friends and family that give you gifts for holidays and your birthday?

I do.

Tell them your plans and get them to give you cash.

$20 cash instead of a $20 gift from your friends and family adds up.

I bought my laptop this way.

Use Coupons

This one takes a little effort but not much.

The internet makes it easy.

Go over to and find coupons for items you normally buy.

So it’s not that much effort. You just need to type.


You’re on the right track. You know you need to save. That’s the first step.

Now you just need to do it.

That’s easier said than done but these 5 ideas listed above will help you.

And the best part: none of these ideas require major sacrifices in your life style.

Can you think of any other pain-free ways to build your savings account?

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