If you had to choose one decision as your best financial decision, what would it be?

I know mine.

It’s not getting out of credit card debt.

And it’s not paying for college without student loans.

For me, it is:

Investing Early

When I got my first job, I maxed out my my employer’s 401(k) match.

I started at 22 and contributed $26,520 over 6 years and my employer contributed $26,520.

$26,520 made me a millionaire.

When I hit the age of 63, $53,040 ($26,520 x 2) will be $1,007,444.

This assumes I make a conservative 8% annual return on the total $53,040.

I’m making a 9% return right now.

And the best part: I don’t have to contribute another penny.

That is the power of compounding interest.

But you need time to compound.

Once today ends, it’s gone and you can’t get it back.

The saying is true: “Time is money.”


There are a lot of good financial decisions you can make.

But none match investing early in life.

You can recover from starting late but it’s very difficult.

Don’t put yourself in that situation. Invest today.

What is the best financial decision you ever made?

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