I sit and stare at a blank computer screen.

I stare for 15 minutes.

15 minutes turn into 3 hours.

How am I going to help make this world a little bit better?

It all started a few months ago with a phone call…

“Hey Mom.”

“It spread to his brain. He doesn’t have long.” My Mom’s voice shook as she held back tears.

3 weeks later he was gone.

My Dad died at the young age of 61 from Melanoma.

And it changed my life forever.

I realized that life isn’t just about chasing money.

Life is too short.

It’s about helping people.

So using my abilities, how am I going to help people?

With my Dad now gone, my sister turned to me to help her with investments…

“Now that I have a grown-up job, what should I invest in?” asks my sister.

“What do you invest in right now?”

“My 403(B),” replies my sister.

“No. What do you actually invest in? Your 403(B) is a tax shelter.”

“I don’t know. I just put it in the 403(B),” replies my sister again.

After I recovered from my panic attack, I figured out that not everyone gets the benefit of a business education.

And it hit me, that’s how I will help people.

I’ll use my business and finance degrees to help you make more informed decisions about your money.

That’s when Finance Footing was born.

I hope this site helps you.

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