On Saturday, May 6th, a horse named Always Dreaming won the Kentucky Derby.

You can watch the 2 minute race here:

Always Dreaming made $1,240,000 in one day for his owners, Vincent Viola and Anthony Bonomo.

That’s a very productive pet.

And that’s just the beginning, he has 2 more legs of the Triple Crown and stud fees to take in.

That’s right, Always Dreaming will get paid a lot of to mate with other horses.

How much money?

If he wins the Triple Crown like American Pharoah, he’ll make $200,000 per session.

That’s the life. I don’t know about you but I’d love to get paid $200,000 each time I had sex.

How Did Vincent Viola and Anthony Bonomo Get Into Horse Racing?

They started going as young boys with their dads.

“Anthony and I, I think, represent everybody who went to the racetrack for the first time with their dads and were just astonished by the brilliance of these athletes, these equine athletes,” Viola said. “Never fell out of love with the sport.”

Viola’s dad even gave him a job to do when they went.

One job for the young Viola was to stand in front of the track’s tote board and watch for sudden shifts in wagering. It would help him understand numbers, and it was also “magical being next to your dad, as he was really committed to a sport he loved,” Viola said.

After Vincent and Anthony succeeded in business, they wanted to get back into horse racing.

How Did They Get Always Dreaming?

Vincent and Anthony sound like true businessmen.

They gave a budget to purchase a horse at auction but no one listened.

The horse that became Always Dreaming fell into the hands of the partners when Bonomo’s son, Anthony Jr., busted his father’s prescribed budget and bought the colt, the son of Bodemeister, for $350,000 at the Keeneland September Yearling Sale.

I bet Anthony Jr. had a fun conversation with his dad after spending $350,000 on a horse.

I also bet he’s glad he spent that much now.

Turning $350,000 into $1,240,000 in 3 years is a 52% return.

I’d take that.


This is a good example of an alternative investment.

Anthony Jr. took a big gambling spending $350,000 for a horse but it really paid off.

Start to look for other things in your life you can turn into alternate investments.

Do you love doing something? Figure out how to make money in your spare time with it.

The key to successful alternative investments is they have to be rare.

Winning the Kentucky Derby is really rare. That’s why Always Dreaming was a good investment.

Can you think of any other alternative investments?

If so, let me know in the comments below.

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