Welcome! Thank you for visiting Finance Footing. I know your time is precious so I will not waste it. These short paragraphs will tell you Finance Footing’s purpose so you can quickly decide if this website interests you.

I created Finance Footing to help you make better investment decisions. I want to help you maximize your investment return and minimize your investment risk. There’s nothing worse than expecting a 9% return and getting a 5% return. That’s the difference between retiring with $2,808,792* and retiring with $915,612*.

The purpose of Finance Footing is that simple. To help you meet your investing goals. So I hope that interests you because what you invest in today impacts your tomorrow. If it doesn’t interest you, no hard feelings. You’re always welcome back if you change your mind.

*That’s investing $600 per month for 40 years at a 9% return and a 5% return.